Drum Instructor – Mike Semerau

Drum Instructor Mike Semerau started to play on Christmas day 1979.

He has been teaching the drums and started Chicago’s # 1 Drum Lessons established in Drum Instructor Mike SemerauFebruary 1995, redefining the standard for drum lessons when he came up with the innovative method of offering professionally recorded take-home videos to his students after each weekly lesson.

Mike teaches all styles of drumming: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Swing, Latin, etc. to name a few. Students will learn: Timing, basic music reading, original beats and fills, soloing, double bass, learn your favorite song, self teaching, ostinatoing, drum separation, 4 way limb independence, stick control, feet control, tricks, solo composing, school band stuff, etc., etc.

Students will also learn how to be in a band as well, as Mike has a library of over 1,000 play along tracks with no drums. Ages 5-adult can sign up, Beginners-Advance welcomed.

Call 847-432-6350 to schedule your lesson with Drum Instructor Mike Semerau!

Lessons with Mike Semerau are $45 per half hour!

Mike is currently available on Saturdays Only!

** ALL LESSONS ARE RECORDED ON PROFESSIONAL DVD ** So if you forget that rhythm or technique, you can just pop in a video and Mike will be right there on screen to play along with you. His unique approach allows students to learn faster and more effectively, as they are able to check their progress and review what they have learned in each lesson. No wasted lesson practice, no wrong way of learning, and especially no money or time wasted.

Chicago’s # 1 Drum Lessons has over 300+ students learning Mike’s video curriculum in 9 locations. Mike sits with 120 of those students personally and Music Gallery is now his 5th weekly personal location. Music Gallery is fortunate to bring him aboard the superb teaching staff.

His students have been so successful as to be featured on CLTV news, amongst numerous mentions in newspapers around IL.

Walk Through Of A Drum Lesson with Drum Instructor Mike Semerau.

First we warm up with previous lesson homework or if you’re brand new to the drums we will discuss what we will be working on, second is a complete walk thru together on new assignment or assignments on the full drum set, third we will take a few minutes to transfer and watch what we just did together as every lesson has been previously recorded and archived on professional video to take home, fourth if you are a current student of 3 months or more we will get the notation to a new song to learn and play along with, or new music to drum to so we can work on your improvisational skills.

It is a proven fact that the more times an individual watches, listens, and is demonstrated something they will pick it up at a much faster pace thus resulting in a great drummer. The video allows the students to check and cross-reference what they learned for that week to help aid them in their practice sessions through out the week. Students will learn the right way each and every time as well as having a complete organized video library of all their completed lesson’s to date. Money and time is saved, no back tracking or wrong way of learning, always moving fourth, the more lessons a students has been taught, the bigger their video library of tracked organized recorded previous lessons are saved for continuous viewing pleasure, and not to mention learning each week’s lesson efficiently and accurately as well as getting the most for your money.

There is no wrong way of learning the drums from Chicago’s #1 Drum Lessons, students learn the right way each and every time and the students can get their questions answered right there in the privacy of their own home instead of waiting to the next lesson to find out if they did it right. I don’t know of any other music instructor for ANY other instrument that has ever made the news for their teaching style and method have you? We must be doing something right. Chicago’s # 1 Drum Lessons are by far the BEST in weekly drum instruction. . If it is to learn drums as a hobby, or to get to the next level of your current playing, or even to make it in the music business, Chicago’s # 1 Drum Lessons can help.

*** Testimonials ***

5/5 stars October 14, 2014

Having never played drums before, Mike had me hooked minutes into our session. He is extremely passionate about not only drums but teaching and seeing you progress. Couldn’t be happier. 
Eric S.

5/5 stars September 22, 2014

I met Mike about 12 years ago. He was teaching one of my cousins kids to play the drums. I had recently started to kick it again my self. So I inquired about Mike. My first meeting with Mike I was 48 years old and Mike was about 26-28 yrs old. When I met him and realized he was so young I asked him why I should take lessons from a guy half my age. He explained to me that he had been drumming since he was 4. He has such a passion to play the drums. He studied every drummer he could and then he explained and showed me what he could do on the drums live and I was amazed. I had never met in person or saw anyone play the drums like Mike. From there I took lessons for about a year. Mike helped me learn how to keep better time and also read music to help me play in my Church till this day I recommend anyone that is a beginner or an avid drummer to try Mikes lessons they will surely enhance their drumming ability after taking his sessions. Thanks Mike Sincerely,
 David R.

5/5 stars September 21, 2014

A family man, talented mentors, and consummate professional. Chris G.

5/5 stars September 20, 2014

My daughter has been a student of Mike’s for four and a half years. She started in semi-private half hour classes, then half hour private, and now hour-long private classes. Mike’s unique teaching method has been challenging yet without frustration, and resulted in her becoming an enthusiastic and accomplished drummer. 

In addition to the lesson based musical skills she has developed in his classes, Mike has mentored my daughter in terms of her performance skills and stage presence with her band. He has been her number one fan since day one, always following, mentoring, and supporting her progress as an individual drummer, and that of her band as a whole. 

Mike has also taught her to how teach entry and mid level students and hired her to work for him. The teaching experience brought her to an entirely new level in terms of teaching her responsibility, time management, organizational skills, and of course how to teach others. 

My daughter has not only become a  great drummer but has learned so many valuable life skills working with Mike. She has seen the benefit of hard work toward achieving goals that may seem unattainable, but are broken down into meaningful and reasonable steps. She has enjoyed Mike’s constant support of her as a drummer and her band as a whole, and she has learned valuable job skills. 

Mike is a gifted musician and teacher, and his unique teaching method and personal mentoring has allowed, and continues to encourage my daughter to learn valuable lessons and achieve her goals in music and in life. 
Bridget G.

5/5 stars September 19, 2014

Mike is one of the most competent and skilled drum instructors I know. I highly recommend him as a teacher. 
Erik L.

5/5 stars September 19, 2014

Great teacher. He is hands on. He taught my son since he was 5 until 15. He loved every moment Phillip T.

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1997 Regional Finalist for Guitar Center Drum Off competition 1st place in state of IL 1997 2nd in Midwest region of the US 1997 1999 Commercials for my teaching on major cable networks: Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Sci Fi, MTV, etc. 2001‐present Chicago Vintage Drum Show exhibitor

2002‐present NAMM attendee/member 2003 Commercials for my teaching on major cable networks: Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Sci Fi, MTV, etc. 2005 Clinician for Chicago Vintage Drum Show 2005 Modern Drummer (mention of Chicago Drum Show Clinic) 2006 CLTV news story on my teaching methods 2009 Clinician for all IL Guitar Centers 2009 Clinician for all Sam Ash Music 2009 Clinician for Best Buy retail musical instrument locations 2011 Performed and interview on the Drum Channel w/host Terry Bozzio 2012 1st Place in Best Business Float in Bolingbrook Pathways Parade 2013 1st Place in Best Business Float in Bolingbrook Pathways Parade 2014 2nd Place in Best Business Float in Bolingbrook Pathways Parade 2014 Clinician for Chicago Vintage Drum Show 2014 October Issue of Modern Drummer (mention of Chicago Drum Show Clinic)

School Hours
Monday – Thursday: 12pm – 8pm
Friday: 12pm-6pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Closed Sunday.

Music Lessons are $35.00 per half  hour lesson.
Call 847-432-6350 to schedule a music lesson.

The Music Gallery
2558 Green Bay Road, Highland Park, IL 60035
(847) 432-6350

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