Luba Dolgopolsky

Luba is an active performing artist and voice and piano teacher. She has taught in many schools, non-profit arts programs and on the university level. Luba was trained as a classical pianist, and later became a jazz singer in New York City. She earned her Masters degree in Music Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and an undergraduate degree in Performance from The New School Jazz and Contemporary Music Program in New York City.

Luba has performed in cover bands, reggae bands, and as a solo act. Her repertoire includes originals, as well as covers of soul, R&B, pop, folk and rock and reggae.

As a teacher, Luba enjoys making connections between different musical styles and finding the common ground between different genres. She introduces her students to the foundations of music through the study of developmentally appropriate repertoire, ear-training, improvisation techniques, and sight reading.

Luba enjoys working with students of all ages and skill level, and guides her students to follow their individual musical passion.

What is your approach to teaching?

Depending on the instrument, A lesson with me will typically integrate the fundamental building blocks of music: form & technique, warm-ups, ear-training, theory and music literacy, repertoire, and improvisation. I tailor my approach to the specific needs, interests, and learning styles of my individual students. My teaching style is informed by my love of all kinds of music, from classical to jazz, pop, soul, musical theatre, and I enjoy integrating the best principals of different styles in my lessons.

What do you love about teaching?

I believe we all have the innate ability to make music, and I want to share my love and passion for the performing arts with my students. Witnessing  my students experience success and discover their potential is the most  rewarding part of teaching .

Music is a universal language. When you understand the fundamental building blocks of this language, (melody, harmony, rhythm, expression) you can communicate with anyone in the without ever speaking a word. My objective as a teacher is to help you express yourself in this language.