Spencer Johnson – Guitar, Bass, Drums

Spencer Johnson – Guitar Instructor, Bass Instructor, and Drum Instructor

One of the most popular teachers here at the Music Gallery Academy. Spencer is a founding member of the popular Chicago rock band The Yolks.

A master of classic rock, alternative rock and today’s rock and pop, Spencer has over 10 years of teaching and live performance experience. He specializes in teaching kids ages 6 to 16 years old.

Spencer is also the lead instructor for our very popular Kid’s Rock Band  groups. After rehearsing for a couple of weeks the bands then perform at venues in and around Lake County. These classes are extremely popular and fill up fast!

Spencer also teaches bass guitar and beginning drums also.

To hear some of his student’s recordings go to www.myspace.com/musicgalleryacademyspike

Call 847-432-6350 to schedule your lesson with Spencer today!

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