Torin Hopkins- Guitar, Uke, Vocals, Piano, Bass and Songwriting

Torin Hopkins  has come full circle at The Music Gallery. While in high school, I used to spend hours in the Music Gallery learning about guitars and equipment. I took various types of lessons here with a few different teachers ranging from jazz, blues to metal music. A few years later at Southern Illinois University I studied classical music, songwriting, and founded the largest University Jamming student interest group in Illinois. After my college experience, it was as obvious to me then as it is now that the Music Gallery has the best educational experience you can receive in a music store here on the NorthShore.

I am passionate about continuing that expectation. My goal as an instructor is to show you all of the tricks of the trade and get you where you want to be as a guitarist as quickly as possible.

My specializations include:

Alternative Music Education-

Sometimes learning how to read music and go through traditional methods can be boring and can really slow down overall progress. I make sure to keep you ahead of the curve by using guitar tabs, on-line resources, computer software, phone applications and new instruction technology like the fretlight guitars during sessions.

Quickly learn songs you want to play-

During my lessons we will utilize technology like the FretLight if you want to learn a song as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in advanced material tricky sections can be worked through faster than ever before and we can spend time on technique, not note-for-note demonstration.   


Finding your voice on the guitar can be a difficult task. I would like to make this easy by showing you the fundamentals of Jamming. Jamming is the life-long skill of playing music with other people. There are Jammin’ tricks that make playing music with others simple! We can visit this in your lessons if you are interested.


If you are creative you may really enjoy songwriting. If this is a skill you would like to work on I am happy to help you create some tunes you will be proud of.

Music Technology-

Got a new piece of musical equipment, computer program, or phone app you don’t know how to use? E-mail me the name of the equipment or software and I will show you how to!

Take a listen to some work done by Torin (Guitar) and Kailey (Vocals):


Torin in Mole Mountain (Band): Dreamin’

Song composed by Torin Hopkins