Voice and Piano Instructor – Sonya Major

Sonya Major is a voice and piano instructor here at The Music Gallery Academy of Music.

Sonya Major, a voice and piano instructor, recently moved to the Chicago area from Lansing, Mi, where she was the lead singer of a touring rock band, as well as the vocal instructor at Guitar Center Studios.Voice Instructor Soyna Major
She attended Michigan State University where she majored in Linguistics and Arabic, and wrote a thesis about the acoustic phonetics of the human voice. In college, she was the musical director and arranger for an award-winning A Cappella group, and it was here she developed a passion for teaching vocal music!
Since graduating she has coached several groups around Michigan, and currently arranges for several groups in the midwest. Sonya has also performed at the historic Fox Theater in Detroit, Lincoln Center (NYC), held a monthly residency at MGM Grand Casino (Detroit) for the past 2 years with her band, and has written/recorded an original full length studio album!
Why choose me as your instructor? 
I began teaching over 2 years ago, and I’ve worked with students between the ages of 6 and 75! Whether you are a beginner, or if you’ve been singing your whole life, or preparing for an audition, you will receive very individualized lessons to help you reach your goals.
As a voice instructor I aim to create a comfortable and safe space where students feel the freedom to express, explore, and discover their own voice. I believe that a supportive and comfortable environment is essential to any musical education.
I have taught almost all genres of music, ranging from pop to classical, folk, rock, blues, musical theater, and everything in between, including composition and songwriting! I am interested in helping you with the music you are passionate about, while giving you the tools to go where you want to go musically.
I have helped several students with songwriting, as well as with recording their ideas. Whether you are just starting to write, or if you want help with your ideas, I am very passionate about the writing process, and I love helping others explore it for themselves!
I have portable recording equipment and have helped several students record quality demos. Whether you wish to record your own songs, make an audition tape, or record for the first time, I can help you create something you will be proud of!
 Voice Instructor Sonya Major
I accompany students on the piano, so you will have have the chance to explore your very own interpretation of any song!
I use many classical vocal warm ups in my lessons that are not only fun, but also help to create a solid foundation useful for any style of singing.
I believe in the importance of vocal health in singers of all ages and will work with students on a very individualized basis to develop these habits early on.
Harmonizing is not only a great way to sing and make music with other musicians, it is also extremely helpful for developing your musical ear. I have developed specific exercises and songs that will help students develop their own musical ear and harmonizing skills.
In addition to singing, I teach foundations of beat-boxing! Whether you are a beginner, or you want to expand your range of sounds, vocal percussion is another great way to explore the voice!
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Listen to vocal instructor Sonya Major on her Soundcloud page.

Mama, Don’t Worry (Original Song—Live Performance)

Oh Darlin’ (The Beatles)



Sonya is a PHENOMENAL coach!!! She is SUPER-positive, with a great ear and a genuine passion for music. ~Lyle Z.

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