Zachary Kidder – Guitar, Bass, Uke, Drums, and Songwriting

Zach has been assiduously studying and playing music for 15 years along with teaching for 7 years. He has performed in an array of musical settings including however not limited to Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Marching Battery and Pit Orchestra.

Zach approaches a language and focuses the tools that encourage his students to put their most creative foot forward and speak freely through their instrument. Zach’s studies at Ferris State University and Grand Rapids College learning the universal and evolving language of music has gifted Zach with a life long love for learning which he is eager to share with his students and their families. Zach is currently playing bass guitar performing with Zion Rodman and Emma Jayn. Zach has performed at the notable venues House of Blues Chicago and Cleveland, The Oasis Stage and Summerfest Milmaukee, 20 Monroe Grand Rapids and the United Center.